• one of the best ones I've seen myself is... (Name): is mackin' all the bitches! (this one works best for a girl...) !
  • my friends status read: (name) is going to wear your shoes today, walk around the block, come back, have tea.. how random?!! (ps, he was a guy, so it sounded pretty weird)
  • "I hate life...but I'm not emo!" my retarded friend had it once! it made me laugh out loud!:p
  • okay so there is a little story behind this. a "friend" who we all dont like but accept the friend invite had a pic of her with a feather boa around her neck and she was pressed up against a mirror... but she was naked and you could see a nipple. so me and my 2 best friends reported it as porn and one of the girls put as her status :"thinking about nipples... but not in the way that you think..." and we cracked up for literally 30 minutes. it was great.
  • Mine used to say... Dave is trying to work out how to use Facebook. I hate the bloody thing POKE POKE POKE POKE
  • Believe me ..i am a liar... The best sm i have ever seen
  • I'm not sure if there's a best. I just viewed my Live Feed, though, and one of my friends has a status that says "my poor laptop got the swine flu :(". Hehehe.
  • cant remember

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