• NO, i almost did though the door was lock and i tried to use my key and it didnt work.
  • No. I did worse than that. We were at a hotel with a rental car, and it snowed overnight. I got up early in order to make it back to the airport in time to turn the car in. I used the trash can from the bathroom to fill with water from the tub, and made several trips to the car to clear the ice and snow from the windows all around. People were watching and smiling, and I nodded. One elderly lady commented, "Such a nice young man.", to which I replied, "Someone has to do it." But when I tried to load the car, the lock was still frozen solid. Even the WD-40 I borrowed from a contractor would not un-jam it. My wife called our friends to the hotel to bring a coat hanger and help us get in, and I called the rental company to inquire about another car. While I was on the phone with the car agent, my wife came in and said the car was started. "Great!", I said as I grabbed the bags to go out. The car they opened was four cars down from the one I has just cleared. I had done all of that for someone else's car. We were out of time, and had to drive to the airport with these huge slabs of snow and ice, which eventually blew off while driving, much to the chagrin of those following us. I still remember that trip, and the drivers honking their horns and swerving as the thick sheets broke up and slid rearward.
  • I went to the wrong car in the parking lot once, but once I opened the door and saw the zebra print seat covers, I knew something was wrong, so I didn't sit in it.
  • A friend drove me to the store and I got my things,came out with a bag of groceries,walked to the car and opened the passengers door,sat down and put the groceries by my feet.Turned to talk to my friend that was waiting in the car for me,only to see a lady with wide eyes completely freaked out.Then I realized I was in her car and not my friends.
  • Yes, a couple of times. I drive a generic, white Toyota Camry with grey interior. Several on the streets wherevery I go. The first time was at the post office where the wrong car was parked in my usual spot. The car was unlocked and idling (cold weather). I didn't drive it away because it was an automatic transmission, while mine is a manual. The second time was at the supermarket. Similar cold weather, car in the area I normally park. I don't know if it was the same "wrong" car, but I've often wondered about it. Another odd situation. I used to have a bright red VW Quantum Syncro. The only one in town. At the post office, a woman got inside my car. Then I watched as she got out. She apologized and went to her blue Dodge Neon right next to my car.
  • One evening I came out of a restaurant and walked up to my car? I couldn't figure out why the clicker didn't work. I tried the key still didn't work. Then I heard a man ask why my key didn't work. I didn't know. He said let me try mine. It was his car. I was a little embarrassed but we both had to laugh, our cars were parked next to each other. Same make, same model, same colour. Now how often could that happen?
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