• nope... i wasnt even born then
  • in 1981 or in 1982, not sure, juzz a guess
  • Aug 16, 1944 was the first test. Depends on what you want for color. The first color television broadcast was on January 1, 1954. NBC's "colorcast" of The Rose Bowl Parade
  • no. but i remember when TV remotes changed from attached to the tv(via a cord or cable or whatever it was) to detached(like they are now)
  • It didn't happen all at once. First you had to buy a color TV. They were very expensive and didn't work very well. Very few shows were in color. When they were the color was weird. Too bright and the flesh tones were not good at all. Automatic tuning was primitive and they required a lot of tuning with various knobs. It was kind of like where we were with HDTV two years ago except that the results were not perfect at all.
  • Yes, It was gradual though. I remember black and white shows that were later filmed in color like Lost in Space and Gilligan's Island. Pre 1965 most shows were black and white but by 1970 virtually everything was color. I was still chronically addicted to the old black and white programs in syndication though. I was raised by my grandparents and I remember my grandfather complaing to my grandmother that he spent all that money on a color television and all the kid watches are black and white TV shows. :)
  • I remember. My dad worked for RCA, and we were the first family on the block to get a nice color TV in a nice wooden cabinet. They don't make them like they used to!
  • back in the mid 60's, there was a neighbor who had purchased one of the first available and the whole neighborhood showed up to see it and was amazed. for the moment, it was exciting
  • I remember my dad worked for the T. Eaton Company. He bought one of the first colour tv's they sold. We were the first family in our town to own one. Even though the colour was not that good all our friends wanted to come over to watch. Television has come a long way since then.
  • Yes I do, I am dating myself it was in the 60s that I remember that, but the color wasn't that great....
  • I remember that my dad bought our first color-TV just before the '74 soccer world championships. Awesome!
  • Nope, but my wife does. I do remember changing from antenna TV to cable though.
  • I know lots of shows were still b&w in the mid 60s. I don't think a lot of shows went to color until the late 60s. We didn't get our first color TV until the very early 70s.
  • the best movie example I can think of was "The Wizard Of Oz"
  • Yes. I was very very young and my rich cousin had the first one in our family. The color wasn't very good though.
  • It is funny my Dad and I were just discussing this today. we think it was about 1965 And back then they were still recording on film instead of videotape. So often the Pilot episode was filmed in black and white because it was cheaper than color. Then once a program went into regular production they used the more expensive color.
  • no, i am too young

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