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  • Accept his apology with a call to your divorce lawyer.
  • list of calls to make: 1) the police 2)the divorce lawyer 3)counselor for your daughter 4)jerry springer (ok, the last was a joke, but the rest serious)
  • Goodbye Mr. LOVER!
  • What did he do? Trip and fall on top of her, resulting in sex? Yeah right. It's time you get a divorce. I'd be pretty pissed at BOTH my daughter and husband. And, if she's underage, I'd consider calling the cops on him too.
  • pedophile!! (if she is underage) call the police!
  • Is this a serious question? How old is your daughter?
  • Call Jerry Springer
  • You didn't tell us how old your daughter is, and that is crucial. If she is under eighteen, your first call should be to the police. If she is over eighteen, your first call should be to a lawyer. And unless that daughter is under eighteen or was raped, I'd be showing them both to the door.
  • Get away from that man just as fast as you can.
  • End it! If they cheated once who knows how many more times he will or he already did. He isnt worth it since if he truely loved you he would have not done it.
  • i would find out the whole story but how old is your daughter? thats a pretty messed up thing of your daughter to do that to you
  • I'm not really sure how you can call that a mistake!!! He and she willingly participated in the act and obviously knew it was wrong!! I may or may not think about kicking him in the nuts...... several times
  • Me? I would forgive and not forget. I would talk to my daughter and get the facts. I would ask for separate bedrooms. He can have his own room. I dont mind sleeping alone.
  • If she's under 18 call the police if she isn't keep your daughter in your life but get rid of him.
  • She will need therapy, you must leave that child abusing f*ck.
  • Start planning your divorce so you can plan you daughter's wedding.
  • sounds like what woody allen did... i'd say, talk to your daughter and try to heal. never talk to him again if you can help it, unless it's with a divorce lawyer.
  • Does the name Loraina Bobbet ring any bells?
  • this is the only way "forgive him" is an option: (what are you with him) for give him (the boot.)
  • Cheating is not a mistake, it's a choice, he knew the consequences, As he knew the difference between right and wrong. I was taught to believe that cheating is the worst thing that can happen, meaning you could lose everything in your relationship. Once the trust is broken, it will take a lifetime to rebuild it.. You'll have to decide for yourself if this marriage is worth saving because you're the one who have to live with this, btw how old is your daughter?...
  • The mistake is that he got caught. He's not sorry for this. Divorce the guy.
  • Um ew. Leave him now
  • No one should learn to cope with a person like that. Cheating on you for his own daughter is wrong and forgiving him is nothing but a slap on the wrist. You should do what is right.
  • I am sure it was not a mistake. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but didnt care. Kick him to the curb.
  • Fuck his son.
  • how long have you been married. how long has he been in your daughters life. even if the daughter is older than 18 he could have been sexually abusing her for years from a child and is now getting caught. the fact is that he made a vow to you. and if he was true to you he would except your daughter as a daughter blood or not. he violated alot of trust. you need to boot him and even if your daughter is 35 she needs help. this is not a normal thing to do. she obviously has underlying issues. good luck and im so sorry that this has happened to you
  • Depends, how do you feel? You didn't say how you feel about it. If you feel excited or accepting then look into the polyamorous lifestyle. If you feel like killing him, then divorce him and take him for everything you can but don't kill him, it'll only disrupt your life by confining you in a small cell. If you're confused but still love him, ask yourself, do you love him enough to forgive him, can you live with that transgression? Is your daughter a legal age, was she willing? If you can say yes to all that then I would advise seeing a marriage counselor if you really want to stay together, but remember cheater usually don't just do it once.
  • "Teh" instead of "The" is a mistake. Using "there" when you mean "their" is a mistake. Forgetting to call ahead for reservations at a popular restaurant is a mistake. Having sex with your step-daughter IS NOT a mistake. What you should do is get a firm grip on reality.
  • That's a pretty big mistake. I'd be filing for divorce and depending upon her age, pressing charges. Also would have a long conversation with my daughter.
  • If your daughter is an adult then: she trespassed in your marriage and she should be out of the house. Anger management is a problem So should erection management be considered a problem. Don't let your daughter be unsupervised guest in your house, clearly she needs "supervision". Submitted
  • First, I am really really sorry that this happened to you. This is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through. How old is your daughter? If she is a child, call the cops. If she is adult, I would really wonder what is wrong with her. Your husband is an asshole. Sorry to say. This was no mistake. I hate to be crude but he didn't slip and his cock accidentally fell into her. He had to decide to do this. Personally, I would leave. I don't see how you would ever be able to get over his betrayal and ever trust or be secure again. You may hurt in the short run, but trust me, you will look back in 5 years and be glad you left.
  • Call your lawyer.

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