• The only "side effect" that I can think of is I find it hard to concentrate on things in the mornings when it's my day off.
  • some people seem built to work night shift. unless you have a history of staying up until 5 in the morning of your own accord, it will probably be hard to adjust to. also, if you like time after work to unwind before you go to sleep, it's probably not the shift for you.
  • i never worked on night shifts so i dont know but i like to sleep at nights so it would have ruined me...
  • Yeah....It changes body functionality,metabolism. Those who are working frequently in this shift are more prone to various disease specially mental illnesses!
  • I've been working the night shift for three years now, and I've pretty much gotten used to it. But it does screw with you a if I go on vacation my sleep schedule is a little weird.
  • I worked nights every yr from June 1st though Nov 1st for about 27 yrs and since I've always been a night owl anyway I can't say it bothered me one way or the other. started that job when I was 18 and I was 45 when the place closed its doors, today I am 51 I'm still stay up till 2:00 am most morning and head to bed, sleep till 8:30am and then up for the day and manage to go to school and work part time, have a normal life etc so can't say the 27 yrs of nights every hurt me.
  • Yes. I worked shift work for 31 years. I read somewhere that shifts take an average of 12years off a normal life span.
  • It hasn't in the last decade for me. I've worked days for short periods of time, but pretty much just nights for the last ten years.
  • I believe so, yes. My wife is an EMT and I feel bad for her sometimes. She loves it, but I still see wear in her.
  • Yes, it certainly does if you are a "day" person.
  • Only if I don't get sleep that day :) I don't do good with crowds of people,traffic, my blood pressure got a bit better since I don't work the busy part of the day, I also shop at night on my days off, my man does the day errands now so no, not really
  • I've been on nights for 14 years, no problems with me... no, not at all... ;)
  • Heck, I get on the night shift and I don't even work. If I don't fight it I will be up all night and sleep in the morning.
  • it did my brothers for 2 yrs...body clock was whacked,never knew what was going on in his family, never able to spend 'normal' time with them....said he felt like he was in a 'dream world' all the my sister is doing, 4 months , and its the same brother is off nights and my sister is trying to get off....i did that for a year when my daughter was 3 and my husband worked 7 days a was horrible... so, a single person can function and do well in their own 'little world' but night shift is definitely not for families.....IF it can be avoided.....they don't 'function' in a family way and neither does their family....
  • Of course. Don't forget more people die from working than anything else - even war. I'm talking industrial injuries, insanity, stress, murder, etc at and because of their work. But nightwork accelerates your chosen poison as the brain reduces the amount or seratonin (natural happy drug) and increase adrenaline and testosterone as the body tries to pull out stops to keep going. (which is why you only have to look wrong to get the beating of your life from night cops or security men) However, this can be reduced by increasing your folic acid intake and taking regular stress free breaks.

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