• Too long and yes
  • That depends on if you slice across the wrist or up..and of course it's painful.
  • Yes it is painful. You have to slice a certain way and VERY deeply which is almost impossible to do without passing out from the pain. Seen many people try. it's not worth it. Talk to someone. If money is an issue, there are local community health clinics based on income and any hospital MUST admit you if you tell them you are suicidal actively whether you can pay or not. They have no choice.
  • My sister tried twice, both times, unsuccessfully to kill herself this way. Both times, no one found her for hours, and she still survived. The second time she tried, she ended up with a vertical 12 inch by 2 inch laceration from her wrist to her elbow, with 6 to 7 horizontal lacerations from wrist to elbow. Her other arm was almost identical, only she had begun to pass out from the wounds. She still survived. I remember her saying afterwards, she was sure she had done it right that time. The human body holds more blood than most of us think.
  • You have to carve a damned slice in your wrist. I'm going to say "yes". I mean, it hurts when someone gets a paper cut, how bad would carving a hole in your arm be?
  • Hmm! Why not jump of a cliff - on route you'll realize it's final!
  • not sure but im sure its very painful, maybe you should get some help if youre thinking like that

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