• Change the way you look at yourself.
  • do what spicy said, or work out til your not fat, and do something ecxiting (at least thats what i wuld do)
  • Change their mind to Experienced Healthy Deep I am 43... but I feel very young at heart. I am 188 lbs and still get grabbed and chased by my man. Perhaps no one else is interested in what I have to say but that does not mean I am boring.
  • There is nothing wrong with being old. If you are fat, and you don't want to be, you can start a program of health enhancement. As far as boring goes, the secret to not being boring is not to be bored. Get involved with helping some people in a challenging community project. You will probably also get younger and thinner in the process.
  • Come on over and we can feel fat old and boring together for awhile.
  • Realize that you're comparing yourself to the wrong people. You're not as old as the ladies that Willard Scott and Smuckers wish a happy 100th birthday to. You're not as fat as one of those 700lb guys that you see on the daytime chat shows that can't get out of the house without a forklift. You're not as boring as Zamifr, master of the Pan Flute.
  • Keep their hands off him/her and find themselves a younger fitter exciting model :o)
  • Sometimes, I take a day to feel this way. I mope and sleep and feel like poo. Then, the next day, I get up early and take a shower first thing. I put on clothes that I normally wear out and I do my hair up a little. It makes me feel a lot better. Then, I call up a friend and see if they want to get coffee, have lunch, catch a movie, etc. Being around others that think well of you really helps. I know that sometimes I need to take a "mental health day", but I never dwell on it. I am in control of my own life and I refuse to feel any way that makes me uncomfortable.
  • Find someone older, fatter and boringer to make you feel better :D
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 10 things that are good about you. I know it sounds a bit silly but really look into your eyes and believe what you are saying. Believe yourself that you are a brilliant, beautiful, interesting and amazing person and others will believe it too.
  • get a second opinion!! ;)
  • If you were really boring you wouldn't think you were boring, you'd just get on with it. Bored, more like. Not old, fat and boring, but tetchy, unhealthy and bored, and all of those stem from just 'bored'. The three antidotes are 'smile, laugh and dance'. Daily. Honest.
  • Are you old..are you fat and are you boring?? I bet you arent... :D
  • Start an exercise program and a diet. Then schedule a skydiving trip.
  • Find someone older, fatter and even more boring to cheer themelves up.
  • I would embark on a health program. It's important to find something you like doing for exercise though (martial arts, rollerblading, ice skating). That will not only make you feel younger but it can reverse aging. Exercise creates more human growth hormone. Finding a hobby you enjoy is a good idea. Investigate painting, sketching, etc.
  • who have keep love in his heart for peoples.than he cannnot be old n learn to love to others and be happy
  • really, really really do something about it, its up to you. get rid of the fat part and the old and boring will become less too
  • Change, All those things are fixable
  • Get out and walk/ride a bike/swim and find some hobbies. Join some clubs where you will meet people with common interests.
  • Hopefully if they feel that way they can use it as motivation to do something about it. Old is in your head, stop thinking you're old and you won't be. If you feel you're fat, then either ignore it, do what you can, or lose the weight, get some help if need be, picture yourself as you wish to be and start living your life that way NOW, not waiting to be that way. It's like when competitors picture winning the race over and over in the mind. So picture how you want ot be and then just start living your life. Boring starts inside, not outside. Get going with something, find an interest, help others with their goals or projects. Read more, have discussions with people, set goals of your own and work towards them, laugh, play, care about people and discover the depths of your heart. That is where both peace and enthusiasm live.
  • change how they feel and do something about it

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