• I don't know, but I want to be when I go.
  • A viking burial is just that.
  • Brave Marine Soldiers were.When the submarine accidents occurs they were left with too less options.Devine are those who died to let us survive in peace.
  • "I would like for it to happaen to me someday!!When I die!!Ofcourse!!"
  • Yes ... many of my Viking ancestors have been ... and I have already paid in advance for my cremation on a Norwegian cruise ship in the North Sea ... then the executor of my estate will scatter my ashes overboard off the stern.
  • The gentleman who was a Board member at our local cemetery for many yrs pasted on this last Aug. he was also a retired Navy Seal, so his request was to be buried at sea. His remains were taken out on a battleship and full military honors were given to him as they scattered his ash's, they sent back a certificate that states this to the family.

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