• Thats a pretty high weight. If you go to 40 weeks that baby will likely be 9-11lbs. BUT scans can be wrong!!! With my first they said he was 7 lbs and 2 days later he was born at 8lbs 12ozs. With my 3rd, they said he was 8 lbs and he was born 2 weeks later at 6lbs 13 oz.
  • KayJ is right. Scans are often incorrect about a great many things. Besides, with only 5 weeks left to term, you will still be within the norm, just a little on the high side, barring any incidents such as SOD (sudden onset diabetes) or vascular issues in the fetus.
  • The best advice I can give you is to talk to your doctor, not other people that aren't doctors.

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