• Absolutely! Basic social and business etiquette will help kids handle themselves gracefully in social situations and prepare them to interview successfully for jobs.
  • No. Social graces should be taught in the home. This includes how to behave properly in public, and other forms of etiquette. BUSINESS professionalism and ethics can be taught in school, such as how to prepare for and complete an interview successfully.
  • They should be taught at home but since some parents were never taught lessons in school would help.
  • No. That's a family matter.
  • They should be taught at home, from early childhood, but since they aren't very much anymore..the school should teach at least some of the basic social graces :)
  • A thousand times yes. Most homes these days have parents that lack the social graces and would shame pigs in a sty.
  • Parents can teach these to their children at home.
  • Yes they should!! only because most parents are not teaching their children.
  • Excellent question! And I answer emphatically, YES. Especially in a place like New York, where I grew up, where one encounters an alarmingly large number of people who have no social grace or sense whatsoever. One would initially regard such a thing as being purely a matter of personal taste, but when considering the implications of the absence of such, and living in an environment that perfectly illustrates what that absence results in, one can most definitely see the benefits. Also, many people come from other countries where there are no social graces, or etiquette to speak of, or they're just customarily ignored. That creates quite a friction here, I have to say. I've always said, etiquette is the lubricant of a society. God, I wish they would implement this. Great question. 10 points for this!
  • We were taught some social graces such as how to properly write a thank you card. I remember we learned that in the eighth grade.

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