• Okay, as I understand it you are wanting to attach the bezel (decorative ring) to a painted drywall ceiliing. You can use the silicone for this as long as the trim isn't supporting the light fixture. As long as the drywall / paint is clean and dust free, you should get good adhesion. If heat is a problem, use high temp automotive silicone. Be aware that when you go to remove the trim in the future, you may end up pulling chunks or pieces of the drywall down where the silicone was used. Do not silicone to friable drywall (drywall which has no paper and which leaves dust on your finger when you rub it.) If the bezel (trim) holds the weight of the light, I would look at using some small painted screws to hold the trim to the ceiling.
  • how would I attach the screws though? I would need an "L" shaped bracket of some sorts to attach to the tirm and then to the ceiling... the silicone sealant sounds better...would I apply around the ring of the trim? and then press to ceiling?

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