• Guinea pigs have a variety of "squeeks". When they're super happy, they'll SQUEAL (wheek) to let you know where they are. If you're holding them, they might squeak to let you know what's been happenin', sorta like talking. I call this a "whatupwhatupwhatupwhatupwhatupwhatupwhatupDUUUUUDE! FOOOOOD!". whent they're injured or threatened they squeak or sneeze really loudly to ward off predators. I hope this info helps.
  • Because they are a member of the rodent family.
  • there are several different reasons - a bit like why does a baby cry - except they can squeak for happy reasons too! you get to know what they want as you bond with your piggy... it may mean that they are excited, content (more of a purr), or in anticipation of food which is the most common one. they will also squeak and purr at each other especially when one of the want the other one's spot! they can also squeal in pain - usually when having injections and the like. sometimes guinea's may jump or kick their back legs when they squeak - this is known as "popcorning" and is thought to be due to excitement.

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