• Its all the fish, taking a dump in the ocean.
  • generally what we dump in our rivers goes there
  • dirty sea-men
  • sewage lines lead out to seas(oceans)...oil spilling...non-maintenance of eco-system may also lead to it...
  • Just general crap that is just too dangerous or too 'unsightly' gets shoved in there like an unwanted suppository.
  • Plastics are one big problem. “Right now, a mass of trash twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean. It has accumulated in an area known as the "North Pacific gyre" and it includes everything from tires to fishing nets, but the most common ingredient, by far, is plastic. The average American uses between 300 and 700 plastic bags every year. Those that end up in the ocean are often mistaken for food by hungry sea turtles. Plastics also absorb toxic chemicals, which can be dangerous to fish and other sea life that often swallow plastic pellets and other materials”. Source:
  • Don't look at me, Mom! I promise you, I did NOT pee in the ocean...but Sister did! :-)
  • Flush toilets and oil spills!
  • You've already got some great answers, so I'll just sum it up into one word .... MAN.
  • cigarette butts
  • People.
  • Ships at sea still routinely empty their trash cans over the fantail. River runoff. Agricultural and lawn treatment chemicals washing from our lands into the rivers.
  • Man, like everything else. Some of the debris comes from the shores but, most of it, according to a PBS documentary a watched not too long ago, comes from the ocean liners and freight boats. Ocean pollution is a big problem most people are unaware of and is the chief cause of extintion of entire spieces of marine birds
  • Rubber ducks. From wiki "One famous spillage occurred in the Pacific Ocean in 1992, when thousands of rubber ducks and other toys went overboard during a storm. The toys have since been found all over the world;" If you find one it's worth $100 bucks!
  • Irresponsible human activity.
  • Not a scientific answer, but I believe it occurs when Paris Hilton enters the water... :P
  • The main cuase of pollution is Humans. ANything that is there and is not supposed to was put there by humans.
  • Dumping of chemical wastes by factories Oil spillage by oil tankers harmful pesticides brought by rivers fishing equipments like damaged nets, rods e.t.c and finally disposal of common wastes like cans, tissues e.t.c Its the time to save this earth!

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