• "everyone has a shot at the presidency" J.W. Booth
  • G'day Acorneydog, Thank you for your question. The main way is to win election as President in the Electoral College. President Ford was appointed as Vice President after the resignation of Spiro Agnew and then was elected as President after the resignation of Richard Nixon but he has been the only President not to have been appointed by the Electoral College. Other people became President after the death of the President but they were elected as Vice-President. You must be a natural born citizen of the US, at least 35 and have lived in the US for at least 14 years. I have attached sources for your reference. Regards Wikipedia President of the United States Wikipedia Electoral College of the United States
  • Any person born in the US can run for president. You don't need any special education, good luck!
  • have no idea, ask the president

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