• Oh hell no. I put as little as I choose to do. And I never answer any of the surveys. Those give away too much information. Answer 2 or 3 surveys and you might as well write your biography and post it.
  • No. Feel free to lie, mislead or even tell the truth, if you wish.
  • Eh, i wont put a full home address and i rarely will put a credit/debit number. Over all, i'm not too paranoid of information leaks.
  • I'm a grown woman, I am aware of what happens in the world. My daughter on the other hand, I would kick her ass if she thought about it.
  • I don't think so, it is very dangerous you could have a case of identity theft, harassment, rape and murder. Too many terrible things have happened in those websites. Regards.
  • I would never put my personal information on any website, there is enough knowledge about identity theft and harassing among others which are worse, so I repeat no I don't trust any website.
  • Not too much info...
  • Of course. It makes perfect sense to display your credit card number, social security number, and home address for all to see. Don't forget to let everyone know your mother's maiden name, your favorite pet as a child, the code for your home alarm system, and the times you're likely to be alone, sleeping at the address you've posted. Don't tell anyone your first name though. That could get you in a sticky financial situation.
  • This site,sure(as I am not a subscriber of either facebook or myspace)I have nothing to be ashamed of,nothing that isn't public knowledge already,and I couldn't care less if someone wants to know me,or about me,if they want to know,they ask,if they don't want to know and I volunteer info,they don't have to read it,or accept it. What's the worst that could happen in this site,someone might say something bad about you or your activities?Wo-be-they who cast the first stone...PLEASE!!!,what can happen? Don't be paranoid people,if you expose your personal info,expect it to be exploited,be smart,expect the unexpected,understand the need for some privacy,be mature in your comments and mindful of the repercussions of any or all of those actions.This is simple life lessons,typical adult thinking,don't fall prey to the story from you tube,that could have been an add from some competitor(for all I know it was)and they have scared anyone who feels the need to share with others,don't be scared,you'll be ok,the government isn't interested in YOUR LIFE!,they may want information,but who is going to be singled out for their views?(No one I know is that important,the Gov. just don't give a hoot)
  • id be a little leery to give out things like full names,addresses and phone numbers,wheather it be this site,facebook or my space,one should never do that.
  • The video is about facebook. Neither Myspace, nor this site, gather information in the same way.

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