• I guess your ass blows up.
  • Besides itching and bleeding....I guess the removal of them.
  • Having to get the Removed. If you can, LIve with them. You by no means want to go through the torture or embarassment of having them removed.
  • Vanilla Ice.
  • You have them removed and you become a perfect asshole
  • They evolve into menacing red eyeballs.
  • Type in "hemorrhoids" in google and look at some of those images and you will see :)
  • My Dad suffered with them for nearly 20 years...with many painful and itching episodes. Fearful, he just put up with them, using the Preparation H routine. Finally, he couldn't endure it any longer, and agreed to have them removed. The surgery went well and, after a brief period of healing, he kept on asking, "Why did I put up with them for so damn long?!? Stupid!" SO many women develop them after childbirth. I feel so badly for them.
  • Surgery. its one of the most painful surgeries, ever, according to my wife. Her best advice is this: if you are having hemorrhoid surgery, forget food for at least two weeks. Everything you eat has to pass the surgery site and you will pay, dearly.
  • Hemorrhoids are self-limited disease with no life-threatening complications. However, they tend to be a chronic recurring condition and prevents you from living a normal life. So, they should eventually be treated. This page shows the most common symptoms associated with hemroids.

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