• sadly, no I do not think so, freedom of speech and all that business.
  • If they lynch and burn houses, then yes.
  • No. People should have the right to organize and to believe what they want to believe. If they cross the line and commit acts of violence or break other laws they should be punished, though.
  • Much of the behavior of their members is and should remain illegal, but we should never legislate against a point of view, however reprehensible.
  • Unfortunately, under the us constitution its legal for the kkk to exist. And for as much as Id like to say no they shouldn't, it would cause big chaos, and maybe make it illegal for other good groups to exist, if they take those rights away.
  • If they are just spouting their racist views and being obnoxious, no, they shouldn't be, because the right to free speech should be extended to all, regardless of whether we like their views or not. But, if they are killing and hurting people as a group, yes, they should be hunted down and bagged like the filthy little animals they are!
  • No, not illegal, because people have the right to organize themselves, but I think members, should be watched over a bit more carefully than other members of society. Regardless of what you think of the KKK (I personally think they are digusting people that need to be torchered and humiliated like they do to others) they still have they right to be around. It would be unconstitutional if they weren't.
  • no it shouldnt,its not fair to even get rid of any groups,even thou im not for the kkk and their beliefs.
  • Yes. It incites violence through racial hatred. People can believe what they like, but when their beliefs encroach on other peoples beliefs and freedoms, then it has to be stopped.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      How does one's beliefs encroach on another's beliefs? Are my belief's encroaching on yours if I'm an anarchist? A believer in Sharia law? Actions are the only thing that might encroach on you rights.
  • I think hate-groups should be illegal.
  • Strange - everyone is all for freedom of expression and the right to exist as a group yet if you look there are groups all around the world that don't fit with our ideals (like legally elected Hamas) that are deemed illegal
  • Glad we haven't got them in Australia.
  • I believe in Freedom and wouldn't want to have my freedom of expression removed on account of a group I already disagree with.
  • No. I think what should happen to them is pretty much what is happening. They are laughed at and ignored.
  • i think i t should defintley be illegal cause no matter what race or what your beliefs are we are all equal.
  • My God! I thought it was!!
  • legally no but i illegally i think somebody would kill them all
  • Yes. Freedom of speech was NEVER meant to protect hateful or violence inciting speach and actions. Anyone who believes otherwise is looking to shoot themselves in the foot, over some ideological fallacy.
  • Their actions can be illegal. The Southern Poverty Law Center represents those who have been victimized. Here are a few examples:
  • Well meaning it stands for "HATE" Yes, cuz do you think they really do anything +
  • They are legal. They have equal protection under the law according to thr 14th amendment and free speech according to the first amendment. Some of their actions may be illegal and for those they may be prosecuted. If you start to censor others, you start to censor yourself.
  • No - freedom to organize as a group and freedom of own set of beliefs. IF they break a law after, then the people involved should be persecuted.
  • I don't really know a lot about KKK, however if other groups can form why can't they?
  • Probably it would just go "underground" if legally banned.
  • No, of course not.
  • no! quit paying so much attention to a bunch of IGNORANT idiots and they might go away, they want you to worry, thats the only offense they got so FUCK THEM, they are nothing
  • Hmm! Sentimental! Ask Democraps
  • Hate groups and terror groups should be illegal. The KKK is illegal in most countries. There is no such thing as "freedom of speech" it's actually "freedom of speech within the law". The KKK has managed to elude US authorities prosecution because it operates a lobby group similar to the NRA.
  • No. No more than any other group that wants to organize. Speech is protected, even if it's offensive to some. It's actions that you can control and punish, not thoughts and speech.

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