• In no particular order. Wristcutters a story of love Girl interrupted my life without me 28 days The house of 1000 corpses The devils rejects night of the living dead Edward scissorhands Beetlejuice A clockwork orange.
  • snatch lock, stock and two smoking barrels layer cake reservoir dogs pulp fiction goodfellas jackie brown american history x shawshank redemption endless summer
  • Hi, kdp. I like this question. Actually I don't remember what my prior answers were, so here goes..of course I'm older now! Casasblanca Citizen Kane Schindler's List Charly Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder) Wizard of Oz Singin' in the Rain An American in Paris The Usual Suspects Star Wars..especially the ones with my hero Yoda Happy Monday, kdp! :) ((hugs))
  • I think I may have answered your original question too, but here goes anyway: 1. Jurassic Park 2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy 3. Raiders of the Lost Ark 4. 300 5. Waiting 6. The Ghost and the Darkness 7. Aliens 8. Predator 9. Gladiator 10. Troy
  • 1: Thirteen 2: Juno 3: St Trinians 4: Marie Antoinette 5: Mysterious Skin 6: Factory Girl 7: SwitchBlade Romance 8: House Bunny 9: The Edukators 10: The Craft
  • I'm actually going to answer somewhat honestly this time. Surprised? Druken Angel 12 Angry Men Me and You and Everyone We Know The Big Lebowski Paths of Glory Sunset Boulevard Dick Network Ghost World Rope
  • 1.My Fair Lady 2.Jaws 3.To Kill A Mockingbird 4.The Godfather 5.Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 6.Silence of the Lambs 7.Roman Holiday 8.All About Eve 9.Young Frankenstein 10.One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • In no particular order: Big Fish Hero Like Water for Chocolate Pan's Labyrinth City of God Cool Hand Luke The Departed Black Snake Moan No Country for Old Men O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Snatch American History X The Shawshank Redemption One flew over the cuckoo's nest Schindler's list Fight Club The Prestige Se7en Munich The Notebook in random order...
  • Lonesome Dove 7 Samurai Ghost The Fugitive Zato Ichi The Godfather Fellowship of the Ring Star Wars Pulp Fiction African Queen Sand Pebbles The Great Escape Vantage Point I can count I just don't know which to eliminate. Probably wouldn't make much difference which ones you pull out.
  • 1. Goodfellas 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Godfather 4. American History X 5. Silence of the Lambs 6. House of 1,000 Corpses 7. American Psycho 8. Tommy Boy 9. Kill Bill (it's basically one movie) 10.At Close Range
  • In no particular order. Trainspotting Sleepy Hollow Corpse Bride Halloween II Dawn of the Dead Dolls Pet Sematary It Bram Stoker's Dracula; Love Never Dies Eraserhead
  • Star Trek (1 -> 10 i can't choose ) Stargate the Movie Lord of The Rings Trilogy Next Armageddon Dune The Shawshank Redemption The Day After Tomorrow Narnia
  • Heather's Go Legally Blonde Marley and Me The Notebook Grease Love actually Blow Drop Dead Gorgeous Fight Club (These are not in any order...)
  • Ladder 49 Back draft The Guardian Jurassic park Jurassic park 2: the lost world Jurassic park 3 Serenity Eagle Eye Blackhawk down S.W.A.T.
  • the witness schindlers list sabrina gone with the wind the gods must be crazy mama mia the dutchess valkyrie an officer and a gentleman The God Father
  • Ooooo!! In no order: True Romance Little Miss Sunshine The Never Ending Story Batman Begins Kill Bill (1 & 2) Eagle v's Shark Reality Bites Anchor Man Shine Romeo and Juliet There are so many more!
  • OK here goes Bruce Campbell vs the Army of Darkness The Matrix Series Yeti a Love Story (By Troma, so yes an ACTUAL movie) Dark Knight Iron Man The Usual Suspects Firefly Silence of the Lambs Clerks PoultryGeist 2 (Again by Troma)
  • Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Old School, Animal House, Clerks, Up in Smoke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Donnie Darko, Friday, A Clockwork Orange
  • Warriors King Arthur The Natural Places In The Heart Deliverence Black Christmas Raggedy Man Empire Strikes Back The Color Purple Sleepy Hollow
  • Moonstruck , Bridges Of Madison County , Forces Of Nature , Blade Runner,On OnGolden Pond, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind , Go, A Walk On The Moon,Garden State , Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

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