• I believe they are different parts of speech. It is repetitious to say something is repetitive more than once.
  • I don't view the word "repetitious" as fancy. It's more about the connotation each word has. Generally, "repetitious" is used when a negative connotation is warranted, and "repetitive" is used in a more neutral context.
  • its a lot like star trek the next generation, in many ways its superior but it will never be as recognised as the first.............tough croud x
  • "I'm hungry..I wanna eat right now..I'm starving." That is repeatedly saying the same thing..or being repetitive. Now, if I'm commenting on Joe Blow, I would say "Joe Blow is being repititious..he repeatedly is saying the same thing." Maybe these examples are the same..they seem a bit different to me though. I don't know what the dictionary would say. Happy Sunday! :)

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