• No, I loved being a kid! Happy times and good friends. Good memories. Sorry your childhood wasn't so good awc. ++++
  • I had a miserable childhood. I feel your pain
  • I absolutely hated being a kid. I love who I am now, and I think if I didn't have that experience, I wouldn't be who I am today or would I appreciate what I have today. I hope I've given my kids a better childhood than I had.
  • I started kindergarten @ age 4, skipped 4th grade...was 10 at the start of 7th grade taking gym class with the 16 yr old flunkee 9th graders who were dating and driving before I discovered my first pube. Oh...and I had a physique akin to Eric Foreman (That 70's Show) and my parents were completely anti-violent and I "wasn't allowed" to defend myself. How well do you think that panned out?
  • I didnt like being a kid because some of the adults that raised me made decisions based on their wants and needs and not what would be good for the child. I was glad when I grew up and could make decisions for myself. They were not all perfect but it only affected me. I did a better job raising mine but mainly because I put a lot of time and effort into it. In the end we make our own choices and two of my grown kids are not making the best ones right now. But they have to be responsible for the choices they make and live with them.
  • I hated that everyone hated me when I was a kid. I wasn't exactly well adjusted or all that nice as a child. I had some mean issues.
  • I had a great childhood but always yearned to be the master of my own destiny and like being an adult more ;0)
  • Parts of the times of being a kid were really awesome. I would go back.
  • I didn't mind being a little kid so much, but I sure didn't like being a teenager. Some people made my life hell, and of course your parents blame you. Totally sucked.
  • I didn't like it at the time but have learned that it made me who I am today.
  • I hated it. My childhood was awful, and there was nothing I could do about it.
  • I always wanted to be older as a kid and, now that I'm an adult, I always want to be younger... Yea, I certainly didn't realize how much fun I was having.
  • I loved it. It was seriously fuckin awesome. Though, I'm much happier as an adult.
  • To be honest, I did not enjoy my childhood. I didn't hate it, but I didn't find it fun either. There were some bright moments here and there, but most of my childhood was unmemorable. It was often lonely because my siblings were all older than I was, and I had very few friends. My pets were my friends.
  • I loved being a kid. My mom was too lenient.

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