• Will you finally believe when you are led into the Hall of Ma'at and Djehuti records that your heart, placed on the golden scale by Ausar, is heavier than the Feather of Truth and is thrown to Ammut, The Devourer? You must repent before you are denied passage in the Boat of Ra and a dwelling in the Field of Reeds! Doubt if you want, but it is all proven in the Book of Coming Forth by Day!
  • I'd feel like I picked the wrong afterlife and I'd move over to my own.
  • And this would be what religion?
  • I'll go, "Wow, so the Ancient Egyptians were right all along. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Islams, Buddhists, bad luck; only Xhepera, Macgyver and Colin Salmon got it right. Better luck next time." Seriously though? As an atheist, I reject the existence of any supernatural entity, including these deities who are supposedly going to weigh my heart. Could you explain how exactly the 'Book of Coming Forth by Day' proves anything?
  • Yeah, but I don't want to ride on the Boat of Ra and I have no desire to have a dwelling in the Field of Reeds. I don't like the water and I don't want to move into a bunch of reeds. I prefer a properly trimmed yard.

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