• Well, I think it really depends on how discreet the person is. I have a co-worker who sneezes and coughs (and even occasionally burps) really loud, and without covering her mouth...ever! We are at a call center, and my clients will here it through my phone and ask "what the hell was that?" If she were a young kid, I'd just chalk it up to youth...but she's in her 40s like I am. It's really disgusting. Nothing "socially acceptable" about it.
  • You're wrong, it is OK. Flatulence is something that we are deemed to not be in control of. Anyone calling attention to such an act, including the "culprit," is being extremely rude. Everyone is supposed to politely pretend that nothing happened. This is different from a burp, which you are assumed to be in control of, and requires an "Excuse me." Etiquette has no "rules" for those who can produce flatulence on command, as they are beneath contempt and certainly not a part of polite society.
  • Its like the three monkeys........... See no evil. Hear no evil. Smell no evil? Is passing gas evil??
  • Above the waist functions are acceptable but only with accompanying face covering hand gestures and appropriate apologies such as please excuse me or I'm sorry. Bodily functions below the waist are not acceptable. Perhaps that's from Victorian days but however it got started that's still how we roll and the times haven't changed. I fear the day the stink from someone's behind becomes socially acceptable.
  • probably cause it smells

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