• Both, probably. :o) Fewer parents are requiring that their children follow the same belief system that they do, and are allowing them to choose for themselves.
  • Yeah, you're getting older. Apparently, you didn't live during the 60s and 70s and, if we're growing in numbers, all I have to say is: it's about time that reason and common sense comes to this country
  • Yeah, I would just say that more people are using their own minds finally, don't worry it is a good thing.
  • With the advance of science, the existence of God is being questioned more and more. Naturally, Atheists will be born.
  • There are, and a higher percentage of them are highly obnoxious as well. : )
  • But unlike the past they are no longer holding office in governments.
  • Possibly, but it's hard to tell without statistic samples from today and past decades. I read a Newsweek poll a few years back that said 86% of Americans believe in God, but "God" could be defined as just about any deity, and I wonder who they polled, anyway. So the short answer is that I don't know. I'd suspect that atheists are simply more comfortable speaking out today than they were in the past.
  • You're not getting older-you're getting more conscious of others (and they're being more vocal)
  • What does age have to do with perceiving the prevalence of atheism?
  • Generally, a younger person will have a more narrow view of the world, more idealistic and hopeful. while under assumptions that more people are like-minded, a believer will assume that most people will think along the same lines in some form.
  • Atheism is heavily prevalent among the younger generation of today.
  • Yes, thank god. ...wait...
  • I don't see much atheists these days.... Rather I see more people who believe in a superior power
  • Since always religion has been the answer to what we don't know the facts about. As we learn what the facts are, religion diminishes.
  • I betcha as a ratio, the religious are losing ground, yes. An example = I was very surprised when my mother died in '92, there were two *old men* doin' the 'altar boy' thing at the Catholic Mass. They recruited bunches of kids in my day! ;-)
  • And we're coming to get YOU!
  • I would like to think that yes there are....finally mankind is coming to his senses.
  • Most all of them are here on AB.
  • I didn't do well enough in catechism class in order to join the church. The preacher said i had to take the class all over again. My parents didn't like that so we all dropped out of the church altogether. It isn't that i don't believe, i don't believe the bullsh*t that the churches expect from people. Also i think that churches expect more money from people than they can afford to be paying.
  • I personally don't think it has anything to do with age..yours or anyone else's. It is less dangerous to be honest..I think that in the "olden" days you might put your life in jeopardy..because, after all, that would be blasphemy and some extremists might take that as a battle cry to eradicate such people. Today I think people generally are bit calmer..a bit less threatened and maybe a bit more laissez-faire about life, people's choices and things in general. :)
  • Yes, because were getting closer and closer to the Apocalypse.
  • One difference today is that social networking sites allow people who are members of small minorities (eg, atheists, bottlecap collectors, and Emo Philips fans) to contact each other. It's easier to find other atheists now, Next thing you know, some of us are dining together and some of those are deciding to put up billboards or write books, and we all become more visible. That's not to say our numbers aren't increasing, just that we're becoming more visible and open too, which will magnify the appearance of our numbers. Also, the numbers of theists in Europe have dramatically dwindled, though I attribute that more to lazy state-subsidized churches not having the juice to keep people, interested.
  • in with education, out with tribalism and superstitions

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