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  • My friend, not the size of the boat, but the "motion of the ocean!"
  • Is it normal for you to be turned on by humiliation? well I know some ppl like that its more of a fetish thing, some r turned on by being humiliated and some by doing the humliating
  • yes, that sounds very intimate and nice
  • There is no such thing as normal anymore. I don't think what you do is weird, and it seems like a very simple fetish. Think of all the other things people to to get turned on..
  • Nonsense, a 5 inch penis is about average. Mine is about 5.5 but a LOT bigger when I lie about it. Heck, it can be 8 or 9 inches when I lie about it. Question, why would anyone want to lie about it. Most erect penises are quite adequate to do the job. Control of ejaculation and hardness of the erection are more important anyway. The clit is near the front of the vagina as are more of the nerve ending so a really long penis does little to convey satisfaction to a female. It is all a head game.
  • Ok ; You are about to get a lesson in male anatomy ... First; The surveys conducted by Men's Health Magazine as well as the Kinsy Institute, more or less PROVE that the "Average" Adult male penis is 5.2 Inches . Be adviseed that the penis CAN grow until you are about twenty three years old .... Also note that there is NOTHING you can do or take to permenantly enlarge your penis size .. so be happy with what you have .... and use it to the best of your ability. After all; it is the technique and style .. not the size that matters anyway .... You may be getting turned on while watching to anything sexual as that is just the way the male body is adjusted ... so when you see those videos ; you get aroused and yes ..that IS Normal ... just like you get aroused when you see porn and other videos with naked people .

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