• Off the top of my head I would say Grizzley man.
  • As far as i´m concerned, the previous answer is an unexact one. Three years in the making of Lord of the rings is the exact time that a masterpiece like that will took to make at least, but let`s go a little bit far, in Europe a movie like Werckmeister Harmonies by Bela Tarr took almost ten years in the making and in underground american cinema The Manson family by Jim Vanbeeber started in 1988 and was finished until 2003 due to financial problems and the fight of the director to make zero concessions to Hollywood stupidity. I am sure that there`s a hundred more movies that have took a lot of time to make and you cannot answer this question without being partial.Check out the Rotten tomatoes page and look for any important movie and it could have been done in a week or a decade depending on external factors. This factors are commonly financial or about censorship.And what is the relevance of this question when it appeals to quantity and not exactly quality? What`s the point in knowing this if it`s not about a movie, an age or a genre in specific?
  • Well the longest i've heard of is the Indian movie Pakeezah..which took a whole 14 years to film because of some relationship issues between the actress and director who were married at the start of the movie...but yeah...scarily long time...apparently you can really see the aging in the characters by the end of the film ...
  • I had to google it because this is an interesting question and I personally had no idea. Here's what came up when I googled it: Tiefland (Lowlands) is a movie that Leni Riefenstahl scripted, produced, directed, acted in, and edited. It is based on the opera Tiefland (music by Eugen d'Albert, libretto by Rudolph Lothar) and the original play Terra Baixa by Àngel Guimerà. Tiefland was the last full feature film of Riefenstahl as director and main actress. She started to develop the script in 1934, and shot the movie between 1940-44. The film, however, was not completed by the end of WWII and eventually was finalized and released on February 11, 1954. As such it made the Guinness Book of World Records as a feature film with the longest production time.[1]
  • The Thief and the Cobbler was in production for 31 years.

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