• Omitting Canada, I've only been to Aruba, Jamaica and Bermuda and none of them required a passport, so I'm one of the 80%.
  • I have a passport, but I have never been out of the country. I guess that puts me in a different category. But the price to obtain a passport, may have something to do with it. AND the fact that the picture must be so EXACT, that it takes so many tries that the actual cost is three times as much as you originally thought!
  • ive never been outside of america except canada, which does require a passport (or will soon)
  • *waves hand* I live in Michigan, so used to go to Canada, before a passport was needed. Never more than that. And I don't own a passport.
  • I've been to England twice. However, remember what a vast country America is. For someone in Europe, going to another country is like going to the neighboring state. The coutries are so small that if you drive for a couple of hours you are going to cross a border. Much of Africa is the same way. The reason we call our states "states" is because they started out independent, like the nation definition of "state." Because our immigration policy has always been open, we have many cultures represented within our borders. So even if we've never been out of the country, we have probably been exposed to other cultures, races and beliefs. Even the backwater where I lived as a teen now has a substantial Mexican migrant population. Although it is changing now, with the collapse of the old European colonial system and the influx of immigrants from former colonies, I think that Europeans have had much more opportunity to remain isolated from the world than Americans, even though they pride themselves on being cosmopolitan.
  • Neither Jim nor I have a Passport. It is highly unlikely at our ages that we shall ever need one. The only place we're likely to go not on the continental United States is Hawaii..which is a state. So no need! Happy Saturday! :)
  • I have been to Canada numerous times starting in 1956. To Mexico numerous times starting in the 1980's and to Panama, Costa Rica, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas all without a passport. However, we are not done traveling and have our passports and have used them a couple of times.

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