• Ok, I know you said this was for Athiest, and while I want to respect that, I also would like to answer. You can decide weather to disregard this or not. As a Christian, I do not believe that all "demon possession" is as said. A lot of it can be explained as mental illness, seizures and the like. It wasn't but a few centuries ago that people were tortured because they were thought to be demon possessed, and actually had epilepsy.
  • Demonic possession is not real. Some people believe their children are possessed when they really have severe mental illness. Its a very sad thing.
  • Mental illness or even physical illness. I also think a lot of it is staged and acted for whatever reason.
  • Just because I do not believe in God does not mean I do not believe in spirits. I am a firm believer in reincarnation, which the bible does not agree with, to my knowledge. So, if a person's spirit is reborn, that tells me it goes someplace else, sometimes. And those times explain paranormal activity, somewhat. As for 'demon possession,' first, to me, there ARE what we call 'demons', but they are, in all likelihood, beings from an alternate plane of existence, that have crossed, either entirely or partially into this one. The 'possession' part could be either a spirit or one of these beings that was, for whatever reason, sucked into a person's body. Another option is, as Runs said, mental illness. That is the most likely option. Tourette syndrome, for example. It causes various reactions, including random swearing. Or it could be things like what they now are fairly certain was the reason for the problems in Salem, during the witch trials. Ergot poisoning. LSD is a derivative of ergot. It causes delirium, violent convulsions, incomprehensible speech, trance-like states, and odd skin sensations, among other things. Sounds like 'possession' to me.
  • They don't exist perhaps?
  • I don't believe any of those things really happen. mental ilnesses, halucinations, and flat out lying explain most of them.
  • 99.7% percent of that is either mental problems or bulls#it. I certainly don't believe in demons or believe I've heard of a genuine case of posession at all. As for the other .3%, most of that can also be explained as a natural occurance of some sort like magnetic fields or unique circumstances leading to rare events like the northern lights. However, I'm still uncertain about the possiblities of the unexplained dealing with human varibles such as ghosts, witchcraft, and energies, but I lean towards thinking it's all fake. Need more info on my end before I can make a deduction.
  • quantum physics and mental illness.
  • Thank you all for your answers. I appreciate your time Sincerely, Patty
  • I don't believe either paranormal experience or demon possession are anything except suggestion and psychological phenomena.
  • Why the hell you asking Atheists for? Don't you know that we don't believe in that crap? It's the X-ians you should be asking about that stuff
  • i am not an atheist but i believe these can be explained by psychological problems and other life form unknow to us. I anyone thinks we are the only planet with intelligent life you underestimate the diversity found in the universe
  • There is no such thing as demon posession and as for paranormal activity there is no reliable evidence for it.
  • Atheists will not all agree on this subject, so I will answer only for myself. I feel there is a science-based explanation for everything. Just because we cannot *currently* explain every observed phenomena, it does not mean that no explanation is possible. Most so-called "paranormal" phenomena is easily explained by current knowledge and the rest soon will be. Demonic possession is largely psychological and based on a combination of mental illness, the power of suggestion and role-playing reinforcement by the religious figures and family members surrounding the afflicted. And before you ask, the same goes for UFOs, psychic powers, energy healing, etc etc. As an example of rational skepticism let me recommend these websites: The Skeptic's Dictionary The James Randi Educational Foundation Quackwatch
  • The none-believers dont believe and the believers do :o)
  • Well, i'm not exactly atheiest but i'm leaning heavily towards it..... I am yet to see any evidence of paranormal activity..... quite simply, that's why. and I'm talking about in person, not on tvshows...
  • There are no demons, or fairies, or leprechans. So-called "demon possession" is either the manifestation of mental illness in the affected person, or the consequence of sadistic minds projecting their own superstitious fears onto someone else. As for paranormal activity, that would depend on what you consider paranormal. In any event, I don't think any atheist would believe in any supernatural explanations for events. I recognize that we don't know or understand everything, but I would not accept explanations that lack the characteristics of scientific explanations, namely objectivity, openness to refutation, conformity with natural laws, etc.
  • I don't explain them; I'm not even sure if I believe in them or not. I've never encountered anything that I felt was reliable or unmistakeable enough to truly sway me. But that's just me; I'm sure loads of atheists believe otherwise. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone, atheist or not, that would tell you science as it is now could explain everything, so if an atheist saw a ghost or something like that they probably wouldn't stare it down saying "Prove yourself, Casper."
  • I've absolutely no interest in either topic! ;-)
  • Athiest or not, demon-possession behaviors are probably stress induced, or may stem from the complexities of brain chemistry. I witnessing paranormal events, perhaps one just happened to encounter interdimensional cross overs? Those are some possibilities.
  • Demon possession is not real. There's never been a real case. It's just mental illness. As for paranormal activity, it proves that there is no Heaven and that God does not exist.

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