• Because some men are full of hot air!!!
  • You are misinformed. If I can endure the things I've been through, a hot wax job would be a walk in the park. : )
  • Aris can take it great! He takes the car to the car wash and washes and hot waxes it for me!
  • I'm willing to take it if you are and with a smile on my face.
  • Because a man getting waxed is gay. So, it's not the pain that the dudes actually grumbling about, it's the stupid, feminine feelings that manifest themselves in the pain.
  • sheer volume of hair. If a woman had the same forest of hair on her back that I have she would pass out after each waxing.
  • Women have always known that we are the stronger sex after all we do give birth lol :)
  • They just feel strong. I want to see one of them get a human being pulled out of them. Then I would be impressed. Men Are Wussies. lol
  • I wonder about the 'women can take it like a pro' part of your question, lol :o)
  • Because after child birth nothing phases them.
  • It's my understanding that the male, of the Earth's species, is usually the more glorified, attractive, brighter coated of the two sexes. Consequently, they probably figure, why go through all that pain when they're already the best looking!:)
  • i think it depends entirely on the individual. although some women can take waxing like a pro and can endure incredibly painful labor, they are not always the toughest when it comes to pain. many studies have actually found that men have higher physical pain thresholds in certain scenarios (e.g. being submerged in icy water).
  • Because a hot wax is unessesary for a man. If Guys can get into a ring and get the shit kicked out of them and then fight again next week((like real UFC fighting or something)) Why can't most woman take that like a pro? it's pretty much the same thing. Just swapped around :P Men like to prove they are "tough".. Getting a hotwax doesn't sound tough to me :P Woman like to prove they are feminine, Beating the crap outta some other chick doesn't make them attractive :P
  • Most men do actually endure it. It is just a different type of pain they are used to.Can woman take being punched in the face like a pro?!? :P
  • if men are wussies, then how is it that we can do everything a woman can? excluding the child birth because it is not physically possible for a man to get pregnant.
  • Not all men are like that. But for those who are, the ones that brag the most usually have the least to brag about.
  • A man would conceivably be wary of getting a hot wax because it is a girly thing and the guy doesn't want to be emasculated, not because of pain. You want pain? How about taking a hockey puck to the face you later find caused a hairline cheekbone fracture, but finishing up the men's league game anyway only after putting your face cage on? Later that evening that side of my face was swelled up an inch, eye nearly swollen shut. Lol@you thinking women can take pain better than men. Maybe some, but by and large hardly.
  • NOT SO--I have my brows waxed, & I suffer from chronic pain syndrome

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