• Have you been to your doctor yet? Is everything ok? Did you go back for your 3 month check up?
  • hi my name is tash how did you think or find out you were pregnant because i think i might be i had the essure done 4years ago i had gotten over a periodlast week and just yesterday i bled again like a period then later that day it gotten very light just happen out of know were im scared .
  • I haven't had a period since 01/26/09. I had the procedure done back in early february 2008 and they told me at the three month check that both tubes were blocked and I could go off the pills. I haven't taken a pregnancy test because I didn't want to think it was possible and was hoping that it may be stress causing me to miss my period. Has your doctor given you an indication as to how he feels you became pregnany?
  • I am not really sure what everyone thinks about this procedure but I was one of the 2% that everything went wrong from bleeding for a year and a half every day. Then I went to the ER so they could tell me everything is fine here is some female hormones and go back to your dr. 1 week later the damn thing fell out. This is a year and a half after they put it in. Now we are at today March 22,2009 2 years after the procedure and I had a positive pregnancy test. Now I am reading that most after the procedure end in tubals that is just great like I dont have enough problems with the whole thing . So in my opinion you should really really think about this before you do it. I had this done in a hospital and alot more happended than my little paragraph. My question is what do I do know
  • Yes...I had it done 13 months ago and thought I had the I am 5 1/2 wks pregnant and no desire for anymore children. Contemplating other resources now which I never thought I'd have to do...quite upset about the whole situation. My significant other and I have 4 kids and no desire for anymore.
  • any updates? I had my done back in 2005 and I think am pregnant now. Waiting till the end of the month to confirm.
  • hi i had it done 2and half years ago!and im having a cesarean delivery on 12 25 09 my obgyn thinks that avaginal delivery will cause the essure coils to peirc my uterus or the flluopian tubes im relly scard ,ihave 4 babysss to thinkkk about pleas Help!!!!!
  • For all of the women who responded to this question, you all have me curious. I had the essure procedure earlier this year. My question to you all is, did each of you go back three months after the surgery to confirm that your tubes were closed? I'm just curious if the doctor confirmed that your tubes were closed and you still were able to get pregnant?

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