• Probably because lyrics, much like poetry are written in a style that because of the limited meter and lack of descriptions so as to fit a rhyme or structure tends to lend to a certain ambiguity. Because of this people can often interpret things differently..heck even the most descriptive of texts can be interpreted differently by different people, so a 3 minute 3 verse song full of words that rhyme with one another could definitely be interpreted differently than intended, if, like some songs, there was even an intended meaning to begin with.
  • My brother does that all the time. He was listening to Sheryl Crow's "All I wanna do is have fun" once and he went on and about how profound it is. Oy vey. I don't know why he does that.
  • Because of how it effects them.
  • I think it's because it means a lot to them in some way. I know when a song gets to me in some way, either emotional or getting me pumped up working out or something, I pay attention to it more which makes me pick it apart and think about it more. Similar to peoples interpretations of the bible, some think of it as just scripture to live your life by, some go deeper than that. It's really the same but an OK comparison.
  • I think songwriters often intend for people to derive their own meaning from the song.
  • "Because sometimes some lyrics relate or evolve around that person's life and then that's when the true meaning comes in!"
  • We want more than the simple truth
  • That's what makes a great song. It's not only the words but the emotional feel of the song that makes people see more into the words. For instance the song Hotel California, the words were done randomly and the song has absolutely no meaning. Yet people attach a lot of meaning to it. Same for Beatles songs. By the way the Eagles tried to copy the Beatles idea with that song. So it's not the words alone but the feel and emotion of the way the song is played and the actual notes. Some notes strung together gives a certain feel to a song. That makes the listener respond a certain way emotionally. All this makes the listener attach all these feelings and emotions to the song making them see more into the words then is there. It like a pretty girl smiling at you and/or saying hello and a guy thinking she is interested romantically in you. Some times it is and some times it's just being nice.

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