• Absolutely! There is nothing wrong with that.
  • That is so normal. When my brother got testicular cancer at 32 went outside and was working and stated to cry out of nowhere. We are human. Hey sorry to hear it.
  • Crying is normal..your mother is sick..even if it's the "good kind" of cancer, it is cancer just the same. You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. :)
  • Yeah, you are a normal member of the human race. Stuff like that takes a toll on you. It is perfectly natural to break down after news like that.
  • Yes, you are a caring person with feelings. It is never good to hear the word cancer even if it is the good kind, especially when it's your mother. Don't feel guilty! (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))
  • Guy- its your mom. Its cancer- good or not. Thats a deep sentiment. Its understandable.AND its normal
  • Of course it is normal to care about your Mother.. It is also very frightening to think of anything happening to your parents. You caring does you credit tears are not something to be ashamed of.
  • I would tend to think that not being upset about that kind of news may be "abnormal". But, every person handles upsetting news differently. NO, you shouldn't feel guilty ... you were just showing your care and concern for your Mom! You're fine, dude! P.S. Prayers and good thoughts for your Mom!
  • that is perfectly normal. i lost my mom to lung cancer 10 years ago. i knew she was going to the doctor but i didnt have any idea what was wrong.i called her from work to see how it went and she told me it was lung cancer. i couldnt even talk to her because of crying,i called her back later. doesnt matter how old we are we always expect mom to be there.5 months later she died.i was 35 years are in my thoughts and hopefully your mom goes into remission. good luck.
  • im sorry to hear the news. please dont feel guilty. tears are a natural expression of sadness ~ theres nothing wrong with feeling emotional over the news. i cried the first time i was told that my mother had cancer ~ it was shocking and devastating. just try to be a strong, positive guiding light for her in the future. she is going to need your love & support, and she is very fortunate to have such a loving son. i wish all the best to you and your mother mech675.
  • You are human, it is quite a normal response ;0) I will pray for your mother.
  • Aw, there is nothing wrong with that. That is perfectly normal. Now, if you acted indifferent, I would say you were cold hearted and had no feelings for your mother. The sad thing in today's world is that many people hate their parents. You know My dad had 2 strokes and is now paralyzed in a home, and I cried myself to sleep a good number of times. But anyway more about you, to hear that your mom, the person most people are closest to, has the worst kind of sickness, will take a horrible toll on you. I do hope for the best for you guys.
  • i wouldnt feel guilty about that, its normal to cry about something like that

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