• Yes, it's called being human. Talk to people more, learn about relationships, think from their shoes and as you grow up you'll learn for yourself what friends are all about and who your true friends are.
  • yes. she insulted me behind my back. a lot. The good part is, because of her, I have a circle of loyal friends! (they told me about what she did.)
  • There is a diference between and Friends and Companions, it is important to know the difference.
  • Yes. When I find out something I should have been told or aware of by them but wasn't
  • I cannot really expect anything from them, because I am the one making them my friends. I have also friends who declared to me: you are my friend - and they acted on it. Real friends give as well as receive.
  • Its an evil that even happens on AB.
  • nope...but it hurts more when you find out that they're not friends at all
  • Not my true friends, no.
  • all. the. time. especially when I'm in need, and they suddenly won't answer their phone. When it's reversed, I am always there. Luckily I don't strain myself anymore, and learned my lesson.
  • Friends?
  • No, I have been extraordinarily fortunate. I have a core group of friends that I can depend upon no matter what happens and who have never taken unfair advantage of me. Apparently, my situation is fairly rare.
  • I have a core group of close friends whom I know I can always count on -- they invite me over for holidays, they offered me their homes when mine flooded, they helped me move, they petsit for me when I'm out of town, etc. And, I'm always there for them, as well. As for my other "friends" they are mostly fair weather friends -- there when I can do something for them, but not the type I can really count on. . .
  • absolutely, some times one always wonders whether those close to you are really looking out for you or themselves. Sometimes actions by some "Friends" can be so inconsiderate one wonders if they were really just out to ruin you as subtly as possible. Its tough knowing who is a reall friend untill something big in your life happens, then you judge their response and then conclude. Thats what i do.
  • Never if they are true friends.
  • Yeah I used to think that Jesus was my friend. It turns out that I was only hearing my own thoughts.
  • I worry that the people I consider my friends may be just too polite to tell me to go away. but... dunno. Feel better about it now. talked with one of them about it, and then I think about how she's trying to get me to visit or telling me stories, and I figure she wouldn't be like that if she didn't actually like me. :)
  • I never suspect my friends of anything period. They wouldn't be my friends if they were suspicious. I trust them
  • No. I tend to blindly trust the people I consider true friends.
  • Yes becuz i've been burned alot of times.
  • yes i used to. if you're feeling this currently, you definitely should get some sort of help as for obvious depressive thought and paranoid delusions. i used to think all the time that my friends were my friends just to have someone to mess around with and make fun of when I'm not around. but at that time i was completely depressed and had some major issues to deal with, and it really affected my thoughts so much that i even thought my best friends were there just to screw around with me...which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • I knew that one day when I invited them to our house for dinner, and all they did was eat and go. And they didn't even bother helping out before or afterwards. Just "gulp, gulp" and "see you again, bye!" :(
  • Yes, my friend always acts like that when her so called boyfriend is around she acts like a giant bitch.
  • I hate it when that happens. It makes me feel lonely.
  • Nope..lucky me. My immediate best friends are Jim, my son and my "second son". Then there is my sister/brother-in-law and Jim's sister/brother-in-law. Jim has other friends and so do I..but the ones I mentioned are the closest, bestest, truest! Happy Saturday! :)
  • No. When I consider someone a friend, I trust them all the way. Too bad not all people are trustworthy. Recently I found out that one of my online friends was actually a backstabber.

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