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  • There aren't many nerve endings way up in there, so you don't feel very much unless the guy shoots like a fire hose. Most of the sensation is around your pelvic floor. You can feel the pulsing of his cock there, and those are the muscles that spasm in orgasm. So if you are real close, that alone can send you over the edge. If you are already right there, it is sublime. For male recipients, there is additional stimulation to the prostate gland -- a small lump on the front side and several inches in. Mere massage of that can trigger an involuntary ejaculation. It doesn't feel like a full orgasm, but it's pretty pleasant. Added to a full orgasm, it is REALLY sublime. Hope this helps. YMMV
  • Dad does it to me. It's very hot. He has a big butt.
  • It's the second most wonderful feeling in the world---The first is when another man cums in my mouth

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