• Sort of. it takes a measure of faith to believe in religion. People today need to see concrete proof of things to believe.
  • Sort of. I find it easier to believe that someone is able to manipulate the magnetic field of the earth somewhat, causing a metal item to "move with their mind" than i do that a single non-gender-or-race-specific-creature created the entire universe just so that We could "live in" (spoil) paradise. So "yes" and "no" to your question in that it is not anything that can be proven (magic or religion), but yeah.....magic before religion in my opinion.
  • kinda, ya
  • Not in the slightest. A person's belief in a Higher Being (God, Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Buddha, Krishna or even Prime Cause if you prefer to be an Aristotelian)is generally subjective. Each person relates to their God in a personal, and unique, way. And the eyes are rarely, if ever, the principal sensory organ in this. Conversely, "magic" is totally OBjective. You see a magician/conjurer on the stage, and your eyes tell you that things are happening which simply can't be true. So you look for other explanations, as this performer is just as human as you are. Deity has no such limitations.
  • Not really. I see it as magic being something your think maybe amazing and becomes exciting to the mind. Religion is felt much deeper and rest in the heart. I do not blame those that do not believe and maybe the reason is they are so educated in how the world works that they stopped listening to what their heart tells them. Religion is not suppose to be about rules and laws and what happens when you die. It is about living life the very best way you can in a loving and honest way with each other.
  • Very much so. It's like, you know the magician is totally tricking you with every single thing that he says or does - but you still go to his sermons because he's such a darn good speaker... plus he married your sister and you sort of feel obligated.
  • ... a bit ... in a way ... sort of ... yes, but not exactly ... "The absence of proof is not the same as the proof of absence."
  • Considering one of the major religions involves an immaculately-conceived zombie who wants us to eat his body and drink his blood, turned water into wine, brought a dead guy back to life, healed lepers and gave eyesight to the blind... Yes.
  • Yes, of course I do. Believing in something that can be proven requires nothing special. Ordinary, average, everyday people do this all the time. Believing in something that takes more than proof, however, takes special people. I happen to believe in things which cannot be proven...I think there are more than 3 dimensions...I think there are parallel universes...I believe somewhere there are answers to all our questions, but we are unable to access them because of our human limitations. Perhaps what we call "magic" is not magic at all. It is ordinary, only in a 4th or 5th dimension so it seems like magic to us! :)
  • Yes, however, religion is very dangerous and harmful while magic is entertaining and harmless
  • Most folks know that magic is a human art, with sleight-of-hand, secret compartments, and rabbits that seem to live for years in a hat with no food and without making a mess. Religion, OTOH, is insidious. There are some (the weaker links in the human community) so gullible they actually believe they are surrounded by invisible spirits--the most powerful of which they call God, Zeus, Jehovah, the Great Spirit, or Allah. Their beliefs go far beyond mere magic. I'm pretty sure that most of them realize that claiming to talk with invisible spirits is a mental illness, but these folks can't seem to help themselves. Maybe they're born with a need to believe, just as others are born homosexual. The Big Question is Should the Bible Beaters be allowed to marry? What if they have kids and raise them to believe in some invisible spirit such as Allah, Zeus, God, or Jehovah? It's a risky proposition. I say, let's try out gay marriage first. If that works OK, then we can consider allowing the religious wackos to marry.
  • In a nutshell yes, not exactly of course, but it's pretty close. "Do what I say and poof! You are a great follower and you will live happily for the rest of you after life".
  • Religions should be outawed because of their negative impact on this planet. Religions are about 20% good and 80% evil in my opinion. If people want to believe in something that's true, try science.
  • Magic is real just like religion, but most religious beliefs are like believing that Santa Clause gives presents on christmas.

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