• I've seen lots of interracial couples during my trips abroad and they really look cute. They show that love transcends race, nationality and all of the other categories that divide humanity.
  • I don't really have any thoughts on them - I just see them as a couple - their skin colour has no relevance
  • It has always puzzled me how women of my "race", who never really gave me (or men like me) the time of day, would have the audacity to get upset when we "hook-up" with people of different race. Race, should really have no bearing when it comes to choosing a mate. That is a matter best left to the HEART. Isn't it a coincidence that ALL hearts are the same "color?" ;) Bottom line--if love comes in the form of someone from a different race, go for it!!!
  • I was raised not to be able to see skin color and racial differences. To accept people as people and not place one above another socially. I find life to be much more peaceful and stress free when I do not let little things get to me. So I do not see them as interracial unless of course one of them is not of the human race.
  • Why shouldn't it be okay? 50 years ago, most people might have been against it, but I doubt it's a problem to anyone today, except conservative racists perhaps.
  • I don't even think of people being different races or colors. They are just all very interesting people to me. I've got many friends that are in interracial relationships, just never stopped to think about them that way. They are just happy couples leading ordinary lives as they care to.
  • I think of it as if we were all the same. When you love someone, no matter if they're black or white, christian or jewish, if you love them, that's no problem at all.
  • I'm certainly no racist, but I think interracial marriages should be discouraged in the name of diversity. It makes me sad to think that in a dozen generations we're all going to be uniformly beige with slightly Asian eyes. I love the diversity of the human genome. I love skin so black it's nearly blue, the sort of deep, deep burnished black one finds mostly in Uganda in the heart of Africa. I love skin so pale the veins show through in a delicate tracery of blue, the alabaster whiteness seen mostly in the Swedes. I love the warmly golden skin of the Japanese, the ruddy, sun-freckled wholesomeness of Irish flesh, and all the rest. The idea that we're going to lose blue eyes, blonde hair, black skin, epicanthic folds, and afro-kinky curls is heartbreaking. Do I think people should be forbidden to marry outside their racial phenotype? No. But neither do I think it should be encouraged.
  • I agree and they make the most beautiful babies!
  • It's great! I have no problem with that since I'm multiracial myself
  • I dont care, Ive been in interracial relationships and with the same race so whatever makes people happy!
  • I'm married to someone who is 'interracial' and neither of his two nationalities is the same as mine. So our son will also be inerracial with THREE nationalities - and totally gorgeous. I'm for whatever people want. Who cares if we mix?? In the end, is it that important???
  • My hubby was interracial, father spanish, mother german. I think it's fine!
  • Of course they're perfectly fine but the same things apply in inter-racial relationships as apply in same race relationships. The very same issues that make or break same-race relationships make or break inter-racial relationships.
  • More power to them. I personally prefer women outside my race.
  • I would prefer my wife to be white. I would make an exception for certain Asian women. I want my children to endorse my culture and belief system. I have had a lot more than others because of it.
  • I couldn't care less. I do love seeing mixed children. They are usually the most beautiful of all.
  • They're absolutly fine, just the same as regular couples really....two people happy and in love:-)

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