• There is no physical evidence whatsoever that there is an alien base in Dulce, New Mexico. However, it is a fact that during the 1970s and 1980s, the town of Dulce was frequently buzzed by strange lights in the night sky. Another fact is that many ranchers in the area had reported mysterious cattle mutilations during that era, along with sightings of some military helicopters in the Dulce area. There are facts. However there is no physical evidence whatsoever that there is an underground joint U.S./alien biological laboratory and base under Dulce. It simply remains to be a rumor. Some conspiracy theories bring out the fact that Dulce is less than a 100 miles northwest of Los Alamos National Laboratory, the world's leading-edge research laboratory on human genome/DNA research. Perhas this contributed to associating the town of Dulce with underground bio-lab, along with wild theories that there are underground tunnels linking Los Alamos and surrounding areas.
  • People say there are.I belive there is people think there is no evidence but one guy went in and got 25 photographs,around 7 minuetes of video and 100 pages of notes describing what he saw and how many floors and what they did Heres what I know; Floor 1=Guards tonnes and tonnes of guards. Floor 2=Where they check "organisms"to make sure they are the right hieght, weight and to find out whats in thier tummies. Floor 3=Command controls Floor 4=Reasearch studies dreams and hypnosis Floor 5=Is were they kinda live Floor 6=Nighmare hall, expieriments terrible expieriments. Floor 7=Also expieriments according to the notes they morphed together animals and people.1 photo shows a cow with a human head.They also have drills that can melt rock. Humans an the "greys" work together.Humans do expieriments on aliens and aleins do expieriments on humans. The base is built underneath Apache Reservation area.

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