• Taekwondo ... Tai Chi ... Vin Tsun Kuen ... Ninjitsu ... or some other martial art that teaches balance, foot & leg foundation rooting, leg muscle & movement developmental exercises ... etc.
  • Squats with weights.
  • For me its sex. More enjoyable than working out and time flies by!
  • Squats, deadlifts and lunges will work your legs overtime. You need to use weights obviously. Don't over train, rest plenty, and eat good protein rich food afterwards to repair the muscle (or nothing will happen). You need to lose body fat though, that is the main factor here. You can do this through diet and exercise. Remember, you can target fat loss.
  • Most definately squats or lunges.
  • Wearing ankle weights. Start with light ones (like 2lbs) and wear them as long as you can stand it. When the 2lb ones don't feel heavy anymore, move up to 3.5/4lb ones. I wear them when I take walks and it has done wonders for my posterior. Good luck +
  • Running!
  • if you keep doing the same thing you will plateau and results will stop. so imo its best to have a variety in your workouts and not rely on any one exercise. switch up your routine every 3 weeks or so to confuse your muscles and allow yourself enough rest for your muscles to grow. make sure you get proper nutrition as well. squats deadlifts and lunges are good but it would be nice to get your whole lower body isntead of isolating certain muscle groups while neglecting the rest so you could do things like calf raises, hyper extensions for lower back, plyometrics and even yoga and tai chi or other martial arts will help your lower body alot while promoting flexibility and core strength. you probably want to lose fat too so it would be good to do some cardio and plyometrics for that as well as making sure you eat healthy.

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