• everyday.
  • Yes..Had to face it that I am not going to live forever :)
  • i keep myself in denial... and postpone the time when i have to eventually face the truth. then i fall in a depressive mood :( i'm like that unfortunately :(
  • Yes. And I held out until I really had to. I had not heard the advice yet that 'most small things grow bigger, so it is best to deal with them before they grow too big'. But now I know. and I am a bit wiser for it.
  • Absolutely. Your question is in ending friendships but what if that person was taken from you? I've recently lost someone so dear to me I have literally had to face the fact that she is gone from my life forever, but fortunately not from my heart. I thought to, at the time that I had lost a friendship from someone still living, but today we have made such a lot of progress that perhaps the friendship we shared is not lost at all. However, I have had to face very harsh facts about this person that they themselves are not aware of and in rekindling our friendship I hope i can help them to see more clearly and help repair some of the damage they have caused.
  • Yes. But as I get older, it's easier to face certain truths. Things are what they are. No sense trying to ignore or sugar coat things.
  • For the past year I have not been able to face the fact that we must change our lifestyle. There is not enough money coming in anymore. We should sell our place and move to a smaller place. We must stop helping our children.
  • Can't ever say I actually didn't want to face it. The truth can be a shock sometimes accepting it can be the difficult part especially if I messed up in a big way somehow. I'll be the first one to admit my faults but when it's a big thing, it hurts me deeply to know I shuda showed more maturity.
  • I do everyday - it gets easier
  • Everyday...
  • There were times when I used to live in what you might term a 'fools paradise. Now I am okay. I face the truths of the world head on. For some 40 years now.
  • One of the truths I've learned but didn't want to face was that I can't be everything to everyone, and I can't make everybody happy.
  • Pretty much everyday in my life I do.
  • yes many times in my relationship.
  • Yes. I thought I knew someone and it turns out I don't know them at all. I just have to let them go.
  • people face the truth everyday for suree everyone doesnt like to face the truth... huge truthz but thatss how life.. is... you get me...
  • Every truth you face brings you closer to God.Every truth you face deflates your sense of self a little,and you see with clearer eyes.Life is so beautiful,this world so sacred,but we seldom see past the end of our noses.We don't want to face the truth because we're scared - by limiting our vision,we delude ourselves into thinking that we have control,that we are gods.Face this truth,and you can face any - we are all mortals who are going to die;we aren't the center of the universe
  • Every stinking day.
  • Only mornings! ;-)
  • Yes, it was kind shoved down my throat. It was someone elses truth, not mine.

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