• Dionne Warwick, Michael Jackson, Elvis (yes, I went there), Mick Jagger
  • I must admit, I've never got U2.
      U2 was great in their early days. What made them great is that their lead guitar player sounded like their lead singer...and that's not just my opinion, people in the music industry commented on it as well. For many examples see: the "War" album. And then (I think beginning with The Joshua Tree)...they stopped using that musical "strategy", their music went to crap...and they became astoundingly popular. Not the first band to give up their unique and interesting sound and become tremendously popular as a result.
    • Professor Yaffle
      A friend bought "The Joshua Tree" from a second hand record shop the week it was released, so I guess the original purchaser thought the same as you! The earlier stuff was ok post-punk new-wave but I wasn't a fan.

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