• It's mindless, senseless, and primitive. There are so many different kinds of pain though. Dull aches, stabs, toothaches, heartaches, brain freezes, hitting your funny bone, shin splintz... Pain just means your head gets foggy and your entire being is affected by something being wrong.
  • Fortunately for doctors, yes. Any combination of the following words could do: aching, burning, shooting, pressure, heat, throbbing, dull, sharp, searing, boring, stabbing, cramping, gnawing, sickening, tender, heavy, etc. If you're asking whether or not this would paint a vivid enough picture in someone who's not experienced pain, I think it could as long as they had some threshold of sensation (which, fortunately, everyone does). I've never actually experienced an intense, stabbing pain, but I can imagine what that might feel like.
  • No, but I can act it out on you, come here, and I'll slap you, and you tell me on a scale of 1-10, and 10 being the worst what it feels like : )
  • Feels like waking up in the morning. lol
  • If it were a color it would be red with black edges.
  • In college I was wearing my so cool white painters pants commando style (no Underwear Duh!) I came out of my dorm room and stepped right into an 80 mph fast ball directly into my left testicle which so happened to be the lower descending one. *Direct HIT*!!! OH Baby!!! The next 90 minutes was agony, pure hell, give me a spoon I'll end my life right now pain. It felt like the Hulk reached up inside of me and gutted me like a carp. The initial impact brought forth more bodily fluids from every orifice including 450,382 sweat pores on my self...I was on crutches for a week! A moment in time I will never forget and a *the* reason that to this day I will not go *near* anything round and made of leather!
  • Physical pain ranges from a dull sensation of unpleasant stings to an unbearable sharp, cutting sensation that you wish you'd rather die than to bear it for even 5 more seconds.
  • Extreme discomfort.
  • Physical Pain can be a pain the ass etc. That's how i'll describe physical pain.
  • The doctor or nurse wanting to help relieve your pain will ask you if your pain is: Sharp like knife slicing you A dull consistent ache Pulsing or constant Etc So I'm sure pain can be described.
  • very annoying
  • Aaaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!
  • very annoying
  • Being gnawed at from the inside out.
  • very annoying
  • Example A sharp pain that may feel like a hot pin being stuck into you

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