• Yes. Why?
  • Yes, great site, love the picture of the day.
  • Not that particular one. I did go to the NASA website from Johnson Space Center to email those people so that I could find out information concerning the center there. I also go there when I plan to go with others on tours or to see if there is anything special going on.
  • Yeah. I usually go there to look for answers to questions here on Answerbag. It's a very reliable source.
  • No I have not. +5
  • Of course. Why not? But not that particular page you have linked.
  • I subscribe to the NASA newsletter ...I get 3 e-mails a week: short but edifying stories & photography of what we're doing in space. If you watch some documentaries along with this reading for a year or two, you'll gain a SATISFYING understanding of the universe and us within it. I got answers to questions like What's outside the Universe? What else is there?, I understand what the Voyagers did and are still doing, leaving the solar system! We flew to Pluto and took pictures finally, and it has Pluto's head on it! More recenty I've been following the building, flying and now operating of the latest Mars Rover AND ITS HELICOPTER. ..If you take the time to watch this stuff, you could be SO INSPIRED. By the woman who designed the Mars helicopter, for instance. Watching her react to the craft landing safely with her creation aboard was immensely satisfying and wonderful for her to experience, you know how I know? because you should have seen her!!! (Go to the NASA site ( ), look up the helicopter and watch the video of it landing. You'll see. There's human stuff, in our exploring space. Their thrill IS OUR THRILL TOO, that's why NASA provides such a cool storehouse of reports on what we do! ..BUT JUST WANTED TO SAY we are doing lots of exploration. We've flown to an asteroid, landed on it and taken samples. We're going back to Venus. And the moon, more permanently. And we're still all over Saturn and its moons. - - - - - - I used to think we do nothing in space, but since the internet, and so this NASA site and newsletter, with youtube for documentaries...well now I'm not disappointed! I'M PSYCHED that we're doing LOTS of stuff in space. And much of what's exciting is the technology increasing (like sending a flock of matchbook-sized spacecraft on long missions, so some will survive to probe & send back info, be there aiding other craft. This is exciting. And I even got to understand the ways of robotic exploration, which the majority of this is. (like the way we have multiple satellites and rovers and a helicopter all over mars, plus we're building a moon base as part of the network, which includes the equipment and people on Earth too. And ultimately, this human-operated robotic network leads to humans finally going there and establishing a colony. .......And yes, it'd be nice if after going to our own moon in the 60's, we'd have travelled near-light speed to another star by now, gotta learn how to swim first, then learn how to build boats, then how to sail the boats, and live in them, and conduct the business of the trip. YOU GOTTA LEARN ALL THAT, before you'll be DOING IT. ..So: the good news, I'm saying, is we are working on that! :D
  • Many times. Most recently, I've been following the various Mars missions.
  • many times

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