• I would love to see it - just to compare the two
  • I did not see the series. I looked at the trailer. We don't have sound which I guess would be a disadvantage. However, I am a fan of Originals. I liked Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka far better than Johnny Depp, although I believe Depp is a superb actor. I loved Wizard of Oz and all the magic. Many great movies are remade..for what purpose I don't know. I'm waiting for a remake of Casablanca or Citizen Kane or Gone with the Wind. Not at all! Originality..unique...not a knock off. That's my cup of tea. :) Remakes, however artfully done, are fading images of what has already been done, only done better. Just my opinion of course! :)
  • I normally side with the originals, including the first movie of a series, like "Lethal Weapon" and I don't mean to imply that I don't like "The Wizard of Oz", but "The Tin Man" was very good and it gets my vote!

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