• NOn, Mais non,
  • Non..!
  • Prenez-à vos mains de mon derriere vous porc dégoûtant ou je casserai vos doigts au loin et les emploierai comme épingles à cheveux.
  • "Non is the basic, standard French word for "no": Non, je n'aime pas skier No, I don't like to ski ah non, oh non - oh no Ah non and oh non express disappointment, like "oh no!" or "darn it!" Ah non ! Ça ne marche pas ! Oh no! It doesn't work! non à… - no to… Non à is followed by a noun to mean "(say) no to" or "down with," especially in protests and demonstrations: Non au CPE ! Down with the First Job Contract! Here are some other synonyms for and expressions with non: absolument pas - absolutely not aucun (problème, argent, etc) - no (problem, money, etc) bien sûr que non - of course not certainement pas - certainly not des clous ! (familiar) - no way! je crois que non - I don't think so je ne dis pas non - I wouldn't say no mais non - of course not moi non - not me, I don't n'est-ce pas ? - no? right? isn't it? niet ! (familiar) - no way! non merci - no thank you non et non ! - absolutely not! non que + subjunctive - not that … … ou non ? - … (are/will/do you + verb) or not? pas de (problème, temps, pain, etc) - no (problem, time, bread, etc) pas du tout - not at all pas question ! (familiar) - no way! not a chance! que non ! - absolutely not! " Source and further information: Further information: "The Negative - how to say 'no'"
  • Yes - Oui No - Non
  • non haha no is english and No is spanish
  • "No in French."
  • It is spelled NON. The vowel has a nasal sound. Yes is Oui.

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