• Rumor has it that George Lucas and a co-worker were editing American Graffiti, when a co-worker asked Lucas for “Reel Two, Dialog Two”, which is abbreviated “R2D2″. Lucas supposedly wrote down the abbreviation and used it as the name of the now famous droid in Star Wars.
  • "When I was working with Dick Portman on Godfather, I had picked up his habit of voice-slating each reel: "Reel Four, Dialogue One," for instance, would mean "Dialogue premix one for reel four," and so on. Except he abbreviated it to "R-4, D-1," something he had picked up from his father, Clem, who had been the mixer on King Kong and Citizen Kane. You can see where this is going. One day I was mixing the second dialogue premix for reel two of American Graffiti and voice-slated it "R-2, D-2," and George, who's sitting in front working on the script of "Star Wars", suddenly stood up: "What did you say?" "Ummm, I don't know.. R-2, D-2--is that what you mean?" "R2D2!!....What a great name!" he shouted, and went back to writing his script. The rest is history." Source and further information: "A conversation with Walter Murch"
  • Stephen Spielburg
  • By the Creators of course and a cathey name it is though there are classes of Astromech droids I would pick R2 over any other droid even an R6 unit.
  • R-2 = "Robot 2nd edition". D-2 = "Design #2". ;] (all proud of myself)

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