• I assume that you are in Task Manager looking at the resources? Are you in Vista? There is an additional tab that is use that says "Show all processes from all users". If you click that it will show every process being ran. Furthermore, if you have an Antivirus, it could be running a scan in the background without necessarily showing the CPU usage. Another thing to check is if you have anything set to use Task Manager which will automate tasks and put them on a scheduled timer. If none of these things work and you are using XP or Vista, there is a freeware program name Process Explorer v11.32 (the link is here: which will give you VERY detailed information about each and every process and each subset process. I personally use it when I find things taking up a lot of CPU utilization. Hope it helps.
  • U know y ur system use cpu process 70-80-99% bcoz in ur system one spyware.which is restart ur system when turn on.if u wanna help in tht so mail me,i have many solutions of this problem

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