• No, I quit a job because of the extremely low salary. I can stand any kind of co-worker, but I can't stand a low pay.
  • No, I just fired the person.
  • Yes. She was a bully and making my life miserable. I was only on the job for 4 months and was not happy. They were not going to get rid of her or stop her behavior so I left. Sometimes you have to know when to fold up. I think she hated me because I had morals and she didn't. The whole office was full of toxic individuals in retrospect. I jumped out of a cesspool. Here is the synopsis: I worked for the company from November 2002 - April 2003. The management of this company are the most miserable group of individuals that I have ever encountered. They are all entirely ethically and morally bankrupt. They hire the most vulnerable people to work for them such as Haitan immigrants who they can pay next to nothing and exploit. They are horrible when it comes to compensation issues for their mechanics. It is amazing that they can actually get anyone to work for them. You could make more money stocking shelves at Target. The most evil individual that I ever encountered was the Controller. This woman hated everyone and what it all boils down to is that she hates herself. The VP and the President are brothers-in-law so they are totally in cahoots. When they hired me on, they told me that I would be an Administrative Assistant and then I ended up being a Receptionist that was keep in a front waiting area and was never given any work to do for the VP. This was the biggest Peyton Place that I ever encountered, everyone in the office was literally in bed with one another. When I was hired another gal was hired for Accounts Payable and she was so miserable and bored and was so micro-managed that she ended up getting fired after 3 months. Me, however, reported the bullying treatment of the Controller to the VP and the HR manager and all of a sudden my performance was unsatisfactory, I was unfriendly and there was a big margin for improvement on the brainless no responsibility position I was given. It was at that time that I packed it in and quit. Incidentally, I was told that the person in the job before me was fired because she wouldn't move heavy boxes. Well I looked up this woman named Diane and spoke to her. Her experiences were just as I had encountered with the evil Controller and they totally lied to me about her reason for dismissal. This company will get what they have coming to them in the end. They will mess with the wrong person someday. Of course that person is not me. The worst part of the job was when the Controller didn't pay a local printer for work done and his secretary kept telling me that he was going to come down personally and collect the money because the Controller was not returning his calls. Why should I be the first one an angry vendor encounters on the phone and when they walk through the door. I don't need to be victimized because managers are nuts.
  • My co-worker quit.
  • nope, i was there first and i was well liked and no one liked her and eventually she quit.
  • Not yet, but i'm seriously considering it!
  • Yes, I just did in fact. Office bullying - subtle but effective. Two months in and I knew any further initiative or investment in my role would be diminished or left in the dark by less than professional co-workers/supervisors. Corporate culture toxic, patriarchal and supervisor used it to her advantage. I don't even want to share the ludicrous stories...I am so done.
  • No, I would never let them get one up one me.

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