• I am a certified technician, so I go to myself. However, when I run into a problem I don't know the answer to, I will post in a good forum online. If its something I PHYSICALLY can't do, because I don't have the equipment, I would go to a small mom-and-pop shop way before I'd ever take something into geek squad.
  • If i have a compuuter issue i can't resolve myself ~ i'll call on my computer wiz friend :)
  • first a friend, than Apple
  • Geek squad at Best Buy
  • I am a software expert & my friend is a hardware expert ... ... we help each other as needed ...
  • I have a computer tech that does housecalls on yearly retainer that comes by every four months. If it is something that can wait til his next visit or something easy to fix (at $100 an hour I miser his chores), he does it. If it can't wait, or looks to be a big job, I call a taxi and lug it in to the computer shop....the chinese guy charges $50 an hour, and works like he is sailing on bennies!

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