• Keitholds... You are the epitomy of excellence and always a decent and caring person and for that... You are the bee's knees and we all appreciate your efforts! Thanks for always congratulating everyone!
  • very thoughtful AB'er who gives credit where credit is due.
  • What a great way to compliment one of the best contributors to the site! Thanks for asking this question! Mr Keithold is well known as a very respectful , and resourceful individual. His Many questions cover such a broad array of topics - I am having a hard time keeping up with him, and he recieves some of the best answer as well. Truly a great person to know, and a funny guy too. Thanks Mate, for everything youve done for me, and everyone else here at Answerbag! Best Regards mate! ☺
  • He has great questions.
  • The next time I hear the advertisement for Fosters I know it will remind me of the friendly Australian Keitholds!Can A Beera!Haha!
  • My Best of luck for him! Keep the good work up!!
  • Keithold always acts with class and dignity. I have never seen him lose his cool nor his manners. Which around here is quite an accomplishment;)
  • I think he's one of the good guys
  • Thank you for all the effort you put into AB. I don't know a lot about you..just from the few comments you have left and the few answers you have left but I know you and people like you make this site what it is today. You have managed to ALMOST reach "most inquisitive" with quality questions. It's one thing to accomplish that but to do that with quality, well thought out, and non nonsense questions is saying a lot. TY
  • I'd like to fix his PC. For free. That's how I'd like to thank him.
  • G'day Go Know Thyself, Thank you for your question and to everyone for their kind words. When I notice someone has reached a new level past sage, I search for their name. If a question hasn't been asked, I ask one. If it has, I reply. It all helps to build a sense of community which in my view is one of Answerbag's strengths. I came here from Yahoo Answers where it was sadly lacking. Regards
  • He pays great attention to detail. This kind of person can often be very successful in many endeavors.
  • Keithold is a very polite and conscientious ABer who is also quite funny when he decides to show that side of himself.
  • (long answer) This is a community of hundreds of thousands of AB'ers. Whether someone is at level 1, 20, 50, 70 or any other number, we each see Keithold's questions coming onto our screens each day. We all see the way he acknowledges every single answer. Now you may think I'm at this point going to say "thank you" and move along. Nope. I'll say THANK YOU .. yes. But I'll also say that I brought up all AB'ers at the start for a reason. It would be easy NOT to have a sense of community here given the high numbers of people. We could have Q&A and be Wikipedia. We could have endless chattering that was all social and be Facebook. Instead, AB is neither of those extremes. It is a blend that walks in between them. More difficult to pull off, but much more useful, helpful, supportive and even fun when it rises to its potential. To rise to its potential, you need AB'ers who contribute - and you need some sort of "glue" that gives everyone a sense of being a "part of things" here. Old time residents and newcomers alike. I'll go so far to say that those AB'ers who choose to spend more time here or contribute not necessarily high quantity but certainly high quality questions, answers and comments .. consistently .. day after day .. become part of "everyone's" shared experience. Keitholds may not know over 700,000 people here, but I suspect a pretty darn high percentage of AB'ers know HIM. And there it starts. And with that confidence .. AB'ers reach out to others and make friends. The pebbles are thrown in the water and ripples abound everywhere. We each can be part of lots of tiny circles, several medium ones and no matter what, say we share being in that large pond of being "an AB'er". Lots of philosophy. But that's ok. The point is, I believe Keitholds believes in this place. And shows rather than tells us that by his daily contributions and behavior here. Now I can say the simple part again .. but now it's in context .. "thank you, Keitholds".
  • Keithold is a very polite kind person who asks some great questions. He is a very valuable member of Answerbag.
  • Keitholds is a observant and great AB citizen, thanks for all you do.

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