• No more death taxes or property taxes!!!
  • A constitution, similar to the US, to give us some civil rights
  • Currently, the fact that we have to pay for higher education, e.g. university, and that any money we get is a loan that must be repaid with interest.
  • That everyone in america be required to start all over with their drivers license tests. This would have a catch-all purpose. Some elderly people would probably not pass the tests, thus removing them from driving for safety reasons. Drivers who cannot read or understand traffic laws, traffic codes or show proof of citizenship, would not be issued any type of drivers license. This new law would have to come from the Federal level of government and not state or local. there are too many people driving on the roads that are not qualified to drive. This new law would provide more safety on the roads for all drivers.
  • Get rid of the US armed forces and save billions of dollars per year, use it for free education (in universities), to improve healthcare and social programs, and make some programs to improve the quality of life in Latin America. This would be a way to solve the immigration problem by its roots: people in Latin America lead better lives, so they no longer immigrate to the USA. As for safety, diplomacy can be used. Diplomacy cna be very effective. There would also be less terrorism against the USA since there would be less anti american sentiment in the Middle East if we wouldnt have an army. Tell me what you think.
  • A "Charity Intercontinental Flight Budget Fund for the Poor." Type of law would really help me out.
  • Enforce the law already in place that says SLOW DRIVERS STAY ON THE RIGHT LANE please...

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