• I was stung by a red wasp in the eye. I believe that was the worst place I was stung.
  • Between my middle finger and ring finger.
  • forehead or middle of hand.
  • The foot. I stood on it. It was horrendous. I lifted my foot up, and the bee was still on it. Then I screamed for about an hour.
  • New Jersey
  • I was stung on the bottom lip as a kid, which caused it to swell to comedy proportions (for other people anyway). The last time I was stung between two toes, after pulling on my boot without checking in the summer.
  • The ear. I had a temporary ear piercing...that I did not want :|
  • the skin on the opposite side of my knee
  • twice between my fingers
  • I lost one of my back molars when I was about 8 years old. I was walking down the road talking to a friend when a wasp flew into my mouth. I stood totally still for what seemed like forever feeling this wasp crawling around inside my mouth. The little bastard crawled over the gap where I had just lost my tooth, stung me there and then flew out of my mouth. I'm still a bit phobic of wasps 18 years later!
  • i'd been stung by both dozens of times. once i developed a chronic illness, i once killed a wasp that was on my 2 year old son. i was stung and my arm swelled to about 3 times its usual size. the doctor gave me several shots and pills and i was all better. i don't carry an allergen.
  • Stung me right on the lip! Talk about a fat lip. Now, however, those lips would be in fashion!
  • I was cutting the grass one day and I disturbed a hornets nest (in the ground) they came flying out and attacked my back right through my T-shirt (4 of em!). Little bastards. I fixed them though. I took that nest out!! with all kinds of artillery.
  • Under my foot..ouch!
  • on my lip in was in a drinks can lovely wasp
  • Once in the back by a honey bee. This happened in my patio. I felt something crawling on my back, I reached my arm around and I slapped it to get it off. That's when I was stung. The honey bee fell on the ground, and I stepped on it with my shoe. 👟 🐝
  • AS a very young child (3 or 4 years old), a bumble bee flew into my ear. I was scared, and so swatted at it...and it stung me again, and again, and again, and again, and of course I kept swatting, etc. (Bumble bees don't lose their stingers after they sting like honey bees do.) I don't know how many times I was stung. All in the ear. Good thing I'm not allergic!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Ouch! Bumblebees are not typically aggressive nor do they usually deliberately interact with humans. I wonder what species it was or if it was just a crazy one! We've had twice now, bumblebees try to nest in our drier vent. Even removing the nest, I was never stung. They do seem to not be the smartest of insects, though...
      If I hadn't swatted at it, it probably wouldn't have stung me in the first place. It was probably just resting on/in my ear. But of course I did swat it (being afraid), and so it did sting, and it kept stinging as I kept swatting.

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